Concierge and Lifestyle management

Everything from shopping to running errands and meal planning.

Does it sometimes seem that there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done? Are you finding it difficult to get out to pay the bills, pick up the dry cleaning or do the “running around”? Outsourcing these time-consuming or tricky tasks to All Things Organised will help you get those boxes ticked on your “to do” list and leave you more time to enjoy the things that matter to you.

All Things Organised concierge service can help with:

  • Remote houseminding
  • Personal shopping for groceries or other necessities
  • Event planning
  • Running general errands – e.g. dry cleaning, paying bills
  • Organising gardening services and tradespeople
  • Overseeing renovations
  • Purchasing presents/flowers
  • Meal Planning
  • Making appointments
  • Obtaining quotes

All Things Organised remote houseminding service takes care of your home and affairs when you are away and prepares for your homecoming. Services include collecting mail, restocking the fridge and pantry, turning on heaters or air conditioners, and more.

Call me – Sharon McWilliams – on 0408 488 388 for an obligation-free chat about how my concierge and lifestyle management services can help you.